Friday, June 05, 2009

friday frivolity...

Well, the girls are out of school for the summer!!


They started the break off with 67 degree weather (AH! Glorious!!) and a lazy morning of lounging in pajamas until 1:00, and then an afternoon of running to the Dance House to buy a black leotard for Michaela.

Today was a little warmer but just as lazy!!!!
Michaela is officially an 8th grader!!!

Her last year in Jr High!


Her report card was fantastic.

All grades in the mid to upper 90s

Recommendation for Honors English for next year.

She even survived Math!!!
Emma is officially a 1st grader!


She had a great year and has decided she does not want to leave Kindergarten.

She has a fabulous teacher next year, so I am sure after a day or two in the 1st grade she will change her mind!
Michaela tried out for the Dance Team at her dance studio last night.

She was N.E.R.V.O.U.S.

but she did a great job!!

I have it on pretty good authority that she will be receiving an invitation to join...

Ms. MJ is not announcing the team until after the recital...

she does not want the drama to overshadow the show!!
My week has continued being 'one of those days'.

today's frustration????...

the people who were adding our antiques to their shipment to come back to the states emailed to inform us that they will not be adding it to their shipment.

so now, from 3000+ miles away, I have to try and figure out what to do with a storage shed full of furniture!
My mother used to say that when life wasn't going well, you must be living wrong!

She said it jokingly...

but I am beginning to wonder!

I must be living REALLY WRONG!
I am sitting here at the table,

looking at an almost full moon,

smelling a stunk that has just sprayed nearby,

and gorging on a large Pepsi and a chocolate bar.

Therapy in a wrapper!
I am off to study the immune system,

wallow in self pity some more,

and then fall to my knees in prayer to get myself back on track.

and probably NOT in that order.