Tuesday, June 23, 2009

should we be worried, part 2

Many, many months ago I posted these pictures of our little 'hoochie mama' pole dancing in the London tube.

I was worried than!

My worries have not been laid to rest:)

Today I took little 'hoochie' to Old Navy to buy her another swimsuit~~because watching her put on a wet suit made me cringe!! EWWWW

As we were walking back to the children's section, the request for 'one that shows my belly' was made.

So off to the bikinis we went.

She tried on several. They were either too big or did not show enough of her belly (her words). After several tries one that fit and showed enough belly was found!!

Happiness abounds!!

disclaimer for all of the lectures I am going to get about modesty....
***We believe in modesty. She is only allowed to wear it in our pool and at some point she will not be able to wear a 2 piece, but she is only 5 now. She doesn't know about sexuality at her age and neither do her 5 year old friends.

AND....Michaela wore a 2 piece for years and she is now the most prudishly modest child I know!!