Friday, June 19, 2009

friday frivolity...

My husband has a new love.

He drools over her.

He is on the internet looking at pictures of her.

He knows ALL about her.

I should probably be jealous of his new infatuation...

but I know she is WAY out of his league.

But a guy can dream can't he!!
Mac is off to Indianapolis for the young people's weekend devotional.

I will be driving her half way to La Grange to meet up with the Morris'

that is if she EVER finishes getting ready

We will not see her again until Sunday morning.
Emma will be grumpy and irritable all weekend~~see above

Hopefully it does not rain and the neighbors are home so she has someone to swim with.
I finally had to break down and turn the air on this week.

I hate hearing it run...

the whirl of the compressor = the sound of $$$$$$$$

But when it is 90+ outside, you gotta do something to stay comfortable inside.
I finished my classes for this term on Monday.

My 4.0 GPA still remains!!!

I will be taking another Chemistry class and an online Interpersonal Communication class, and possibly Calculus this summer.

Some go to Europe, Hawaii, or Iceland for the summer...

I go to fun science and math classes!!

Jealous aren't ya'!!!

Emma and I went to buy some flowers today after dropping Mac off.

She informed me it was too hot here and she would like to go back to England where it is cold.

I am right there with ya' darling!
Lazy mornings and unproductive days end on Monday for the Martin household.

Days of sleeping until noon are being replaced by mornings of 'summer school'.

Pre-algebra, writing, and literature are in Michaela's near future.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are waiting for Emma Shea.

And they are SO excited. (insert sarcasm oozing from every word.)