Saturday, June 06, 2009

summertime fun...

Yesterday it was M's slip and slide in our front yard... Check Spelling Today it is the half filled pool in our back yard.This pool has been a PAIN to get set up. The first spot we set it up on turned out to not be as level as we thought it was. So I dumped about $40.00 worth of water and sanitation bills onto my yard yesterday. Steve and I moved it~~to a spot we thought was level enough and I began filling it again last night.

The spot is about 6 inches off, but the pool is staying. Emma and her neighborhood friends begged to go into it. I told them it was half filled, has no chemicals in it, and the water is freezing... but if they cannot wait any longer, go to it. They are having a blast!!! Michaela even is in on the fun!!!