Friday, June 12, 2009

friday frivolity...

****I just realized that the part in Emma's hair is on opposite sides in her Before and After pictures. I couldn't remember which side she parted it on (Hey, I am old. It's not like I brush it everyday or anything). I parted it, took the pictures, got ready to cut and realized it just didn't look right. So I switched the part to the other side. Sure glad I caught it before I snipped!!!
WOO HOO, it's Friday!!!!

not that it matters. everyday is the same for us now that school is out:)

Michaela slept until after 11:00~~I think yesterday wore her out!

She finally decided to get out of her pajamas at noon!

At about 1:30 we headed down to La Grange to pick up Emma Shea. She had a great time with Ms. Cari and the kids. Thursday night they went up to Terre Haute, IN to pick up H from FC camp. They stayed in a hotel and went swimming in the pool. What could be better!!!

Michaela and I got to La Grange before they did so we stopped in the salon (some women from church own it) to see if they could fit Michaela in for a haircut.

After much disagreement about those silly 'side bangs' she wants, we compromised and she got shorter ones. Now she just has to keep them out of her eyes~~~or I have threatened to hack them all off!!
Emma has been a BOOGER since I picked her up.

and Cari and Katrina are witnesses to her poor behavior

She missed me so much she wanted to stay with Cari!

And then to make her REALLY happy, I gave her a haircut.

Because her bangs are almost to her chin, I decided to cut her hair so that it will all be one length. We had planned to wait until after her recital but went ahead and cut it. She just will not have a dancer bun tomorrow.


Now it is 9:00pm and I am ready to put rollers in Emma's hair and send her off to bed.

Tomorrow is another busy day!!