Friday, January 23, 2009

friday frivolity...

I was very surprised last night when I looked at my blog to find it had an offensive content warning.

Someone flagged MY blog for offensiveness.

I am not sure what someone found offensive.

Maybe it is my use of the word POO.

or maybe, the pictures of my daughter.

Maybe, just maybe, it is because I talk about God and Christianity.

Whatever it is, I am glad the blogger people saw fit to remove the flag.

Next time, if you find something you don't like, just take your mouse, use it to move the arrow to the top right hand corner, and click on the X.

Offensive material gone!!

The girls and I are off to Indiana tonight.
No, not to the IL's~~thankfully.
Michaela, along with Hannah B. and three teenagers from La Grange,are attending a monthly youth singing and Bible study at the home of a family in Indianapolis.
This family started these Bible studies a few years ago with 20 or so young adults coming over.
It has grown to over 75 young adults coming on Friday to worship God in song and to have fellowship with other Christian teenagers throughout the Tri~State area.
About 40 or so of the children spend the night at the house {Chaperoned and separated by house levels} and then on Saturday morning they come together for 4 Bible studies.
I am in awe of this family. To open your home to almost 100 teenagers, every month!!!
Incredible!! {or insane!!!}
I hopefully can get a recording of the singing. It is phenomenal.
Emma and I will drop the big kids off, get them settled, and then she and I will head over to the Brown's to spend the night with them.
Emma is so excited about seeing Sidney and Riley again!
Should be fun~~~Three 5 year old girls together!!!!
Steve went in to work today. He is still feeling achy, but better.
Emma went back to school. She sounds so much better today. And the foul breathe~~~YUCK!~~ from the strep is gone.
Everyone seems well at this moment!