Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God works in mysterious ways...

Well, it is DAY TWO of the new job~~Steve's, not mine:)

He jumped in with both feet~~beginning to straighten out the mess the previous employee left and giving a safety talk today to 50+ people!

After months of applying for computer jobs and interviewing with various companies for plant engineering (maintaining machinery, generators, electrical, etc...), he accepted a job as Maintenance Supervisor with Atria.

This line of work was NEVER on the list of potential careers. Neither was having a friend as his boss.

But, God works in mysterious ways.

Atria is a long standing company based in Louisville. They run retirement and assisted living facilities in 28 states.

Our friend, Kathy, is the ED of this facility. She started as the Nurse coordinator at another facility and then was promoted to ED. She has since been moved to a facility in Ohio to help get it back on it's feet. Steve has now joined the team!

She was in the process of having to let her Maintenance Supervisor go. She mentioned it to Steve. The rest is history!!

I was/am apprehensive about Steve working for a friend. But we gave it to God~~so HE most think this can work!!

Our long term plans are to work at this facility for a year or so, allow Michaela to finish middle school at GMS, and then relocate to another facility in one of the 28 states.

But...I once heard a quote~~~ If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him what YOUR plans are!!

We will just take it one day at a time...

and wait and see what God has planned for us!!