Thursday, January 29, 2009

pray for me~~~pray for others

Pray for MeThere are people in this world that are so compassionate, so focused on helping/thinking of others regardless of their own personal issues. The Riggs, at WHERE THE LAUGHTER LIVES, are those type of people. In the midst of handling all that is necessary when you have a child with a life threatening disease {Please go to their blog to learn Abby's story} they have expressed a desire to have others tell THEM what prayer needs they may have. Their desire to lift up their voices to God in prayer on behalf of others led them to create Pray for me~Pray for others, a prayer list for the blogging community.

Each Wednesday, at their blog they will have a link for requesting prayers.

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. {James 5:16}

This is my prayer request....

{Shelly, when you read this, I hope you do not mind that I did this!!!!}

I have a very dear friend, Shelly, who I met at church when we both were attending Ball State University.
Ever since we have known one another she has always liked to fill me in of the major events of her life an eternity after they first occurred! ~~~ "Oh, by the way, I am seeing someone." {months into the relationship~~in case it didn't work out.} "Oh, by the way, I am engaged and the wedding is..." I am always waiting for the "Oh, by the ways"

I knew that her husband Emory, {the "Oh. by the way, I am engaged..." Emory} had a biopsy performed on his thyroid on Friday {Because I was there that evening~~no 'Oh, by the way' necessary...:)} Never in my wildest imagination did I expect to hear that the biopsy came back as cancer! I have GOOGLED thyroid cancer and the survival rate is extremely high~~which is reassuring. They have not spoken with the surgeon to figure out the next steps.

I am requesting prayers for Shelly and Emory as they deal with the fear of the unknown, the impact of this diagnosis, and the treatment that will follow. For the doctors that will attend to him as he undergoes treatment. For their two 5 year old daughters, Riley and Sidney, as they try to understand what is happening. Pray that they will remain strong in their faith and continue leaning on God.