Wednesday, January 14, 2009

help needed for Saunders family

I am at a loss for words as the emotions overwhelm me.

My 'friend', Linn, who I met through the blogger community when she contacted me to tell me she was praying for my family in regards to finding a job, lost her house to a fire early this morning.

Linn and Dw, her husband, just returned from Africa where they adopted two more beautiful children. They are filled with love and concern for others and would do anything for anyone.

Go to to
aplacecalledsimplicity to read about their love and devotion to the orphans.

A friend has set up a ChipIn to help the Saunders replace the worldly possessions they lost. Clothing and monetary donations can also be sent to the church he works with. The address and information for this is at

Please, if you have the ability, help this great family get back on their feet again.

Thank you!