Sunday, January 04, 2009

not me! monday--on sunday...

It is that time of the week again.

Time to bear all of our mishaps, blunders, craziness-es, and fun over the last week.

Our free therapy created by none other than Mckmama, MOMDOTS Top Mom Blog of the Year!!

It is NOT ME that has not done a NOT ME in 3 weeks. I always have blunders to admit to not doing!! And I always have time to participate in my free therapy session.


It was NOT ME that was thrilled when our puppy went to the back door and rang the bell to let me know that she needed out. It was NOT ME that at the same moment the words "Good Cali!" came out of my mouth, I felt a warm puddle on my foot. If it had been me, I would have had to immediately go wash my foot in the hottest water possible!! Since our puppy is brilliant and the star of her puppy class, I know she would not have an accident on the floor.


It is NOT ME that looked at my husband and asked whose brilliant idea was it to get a dog! It was NOT ME that got 'the look' from him as he walked away pointing his finger at ME! Nope, NOT ME!! I have sooooo much more common sense than to get a puppy---that weighs almost 50 pounds at 4 months!! It clearly was HIS idea.


It was NOT ME that came upstairs to find my husband sleeping under SIX layers of blankets. 6 blankets would be crazy. I do not turn our heat down to 58 at night. It is always toasty warm in our house. And my husband IS NOT the biggest wimp when it comes to the cold.


It certainly was NOT ME that did nothing productive over the holiday break. My daughters and I DID NOT veg out for hours each day watching videos. We limit the time we waste on useless endeavors! We definitely would have worked on homework, had fun with crafts, read---anything but hours of mindless video watching (but if I had watched Netflix all week, I DID NOT love the show NCIS).


And because we would NEVER watch so much "tv", my 12 year old HAS NOT grown to love the sitcoms I watched as a pre-teen. She has not watched all 5 seasons of Charles in Charge. She is NOT currently watching Facts of Life and Gimme a Break. Oh my!! It was NOT ME that just dated myself with those shows!!!
It is NOT ME that has decided to read the NOT MEs in reverse order!!! It is NOT ME that thinks number 387 should get as much 'bloggy love" as number 25! :):)
It is NOT ME that was kept awake by thunder and lightning last night. It clearly could not have been thunder and lightning as it is January--winter!!!! It is NOT ME that has had only 2 hours of sleep because I tossed and turned all night. It is NOT ME that is so tired I cannot think about all of the goofy stuff to admit to NOT doing. It is NOT ME that is going to close this out and go to bed.
It is NOT ME that has had to edit this THREE times in the last 5 minutes because I keep finding typos. I am educated. I know how to type proper sentences and spell words correctly! It is NOT ME that has decided to NOT read over this again after I publish it as to NOT find any more typos. Until I get some sleep!!
Can't wait to see what you HAVE NOT been up to!!!
***I sure hope sleep comes. School resumes tomorrow--school bus pick up at 7:00am for Michaela!!! UGH!!!!! Maybe it will snow!!!