Thursday, January 22, 2009

hmm..we didn't put THAT on our list of cons...

While we were in the process of interviewing for jobs, Steve and I would list the pros and cons of each job.

This often led to a job being taking off of the list of potential jobs because the cons far outweighed the pros.

We did this with the Atria job and the GE job.

We sat down and each listed what we felt was good about the offer and what was negative about the offer.
These two jobs came out about the same.

But after 4 days on the job, a con has come to our attention that we NEVER thought of.

A negative that will affect the entire household!

The negative of the Atria job we failed to think of~~~the illnesses that Steve is exposed to working in a closed community of elderly residents!
UGH!!! It will be like my first year of teaching all over again~~exposed to every germ imaginable.

This week is a lovely GI illness that is making the rounds.

And guess who was sent home today because he has it??
Oh Boy!!

Could I get lucky enough that this stops with him!!