Saturday, January 24, 2009

somewhere between insanity and complete lunacy...

Recipe for 'Driver on the edge'
Take one van~~black with 'snow dust' all over it
1~~Mommy~~who doesn't mind driving, but doesn't talk while she is driving
1~~5 year old Emma
1~~12 year old Michaela
1~~13 year old Hannah
Stuff van with overnight bags, coats, pillows, and sleeping bags.
DRIVE for 45 minutes @ 70 mph
Recipe will be ruined if you drive faster than 75 mph because:
  • An extra ingredient is added~~ a police officer with pretty lights
  • Your bank account will suffer loss
  • Your husband will boil over

After driving for 45 minutes, ADD:

1~~15 year old Travis, in the front seat, who talks non~stop about everything( see above about Mommy driver!) and likes to change the radio channels CONSTANTLY!

1~~14 year old Rebecca, very sweet ingredient that sat with 5 year old and kept her entertained!

1~~12 year old Breanna, beware of this ingredient, slightly caustic. Speaks her mind. But good for a few laughs

Stuff van with more overnight bags, coats, pillows, and sleeping bags.

Drive for 2 hours.

Check ingredients occasionally.

Fight the urge to muzzle Travis.

About one hour into driving, add phone call from husband inquiring as to where we are.

Gently answer, " Somewhere between insanity and complete lunacy!"

After 2 hours of driving, non~stop talking in every corner of the van, an unplanned bathroom break (MICHAELA!!!), and the forbidden, "Are we almost there?" question (REBECCA!!!), remove ingredients from van.

Check for completeness!

Share with the other Christian teenagers assembled for worshipping God at the Whitsetts!!

Repeat 24 hours later

LEAVE OUT: 1~~13 year old {Her parents picked her up!}


  • Grumpiness, sadness, and exhaustion to the 5 year old
  • Fatigue to the others!
  • One unplanned bathroom stop! (EMMA!!!)
  • One beverage stop!!


I actually had a good time driving them. They are all good kids! Can't wait for the next one! {Travis will have to sit in the back with Emma He DOES talk ALL OF THE TIME!!!:):):)}

They had a great time at the Bible study. The singing was awesome (I didn't get to record this time), but they did not get too much sleep~~a hard floor and a LOUD snorer downstairs {In the male section} that they could hear through the floor.

Emma and I had fun at the Brown's. {pics to come}

UPDATE: No pics. I just went to upload pictures from teh CD that Emory burned for me and there is only one picture on it~~~and it is NOT of Emma with the girls.:)