Monday, January 26, 2009

not me! monday...

You know...the blunders, mishaps, moments of comedy...

Brought to us by MckMama~~who is soaking in the sun as we all are enjoying the winter wonderlands we live in~~and NOT wishing we were in the sun too.

  • It is NOT ME! that thought about linking to Mr. Linky before I wrote my NMs, but I knew that was wrong, so I didn't. I mean I would NEVER even think about circumventing the rules. Nope Not Me!

  • It is NOT ME! whose children are home from school for a snow day because of a dusting of snow. Seriously! A dusting!!! My house is child free, quiet!!!, this Monday morning!!

  • It is NOT ME!, whose daughter has been potty trained for years, had to clean up an accident after church services last night because she had to go to the bathroom so badly, but knows she is not allowed to get up during the services, so she wet herself AND THE FLOOR where we sit! Shesh!! I thought I was over cleaning up potty!

  • It is NOT ME! that just posted about my child having a potty accident. I am sure years of therapy would be needed if she actually read this!

  • It is NOT ME! that volunteered to drive 5 teenagers to Indianapolis for a weekend Bible study. Who, in their right mind would VOLUNTEER to be in a van with 4 teenage girls and 1 teenage boy for 2 hours!!! NOT ME!!

  • It is NOT ME! that has decided child labor is a good thing!!!

  • IT is NOT ME! that could not figure out why Nigel, our GPS, was completely confused about the route to take to church and the time it would take. 22 hours to go 60 miles????? It was NOT ME! that finally figured out, after three trips, that someone had changed Nigel to calculate WALKING DIRECTIONS!! And while I enjoy walking, 22 hours to get to church services would be a bit insane!!!!

  • It is NOT ME! that wonders what number I will be on Mr. Linky. I would have been 65 if I had been dishonest.....