Monday, January 19, 2009

not me! monday...

Do you know what time it is?
It's NOT ME! MONDAY! time.
MckMama, of MY CHARMING KIDS, is proud to host the weekly therapy session where hundreds of perfect strangers share the flubs, blunders, goof~ups, and mishaps of their week with each other.
It is the time of the week where we visit each other;s "bloggy~world" and laugh with at each other for the craziness that makes up our lives.
So, sit back and enjoy the NOT ME! sagas as they unfold.
But be prepared to laugh because some of you out there are HILARIOUS!!!!


It is NOT ME! that has driven 302 miles today! Back and forth on Interstate 71. I DID NOT drive 12 miles to pick up Hannah B. so she could come to church with us, 64 miles to church, then ??? miles to the Allisen's, then 64 miles back home to let the dog out of her cage, then 64 miles back to church, then ??? miles to the Odle's for Michaela's teen~age bible study, then 70+ miles to take Hannah back and return home. That would be C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!


And while I was NOT driving back and forth, I DID NOT list out my NOT ME's! in my head! No Way would I do that! Especially since I was NOT crazy enough to drive sooooo many miles today.
It was NOT ME! whose prim and proper daughter 'tooted' during the Lord's Supper at church services. It was NOT her that was so surprised that she had 'tooted' out loud that she certainly DID NOT begin giggling! It was a solemn, meditative part of the service! She knowa to sit quietly and respectfully. She has much better manners than to pass gas in worship services! NOPE! COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MY SWEET 5 YEAR OLD!

It definitely was NOT ME who was mortified when the same sweet 5 year old went up to the hostess of the teenager's Bible study and asked her if she could take the ball she was playing with home with her. My daughter would never be so rude! She has plenty of toys at home. She certainly does not need to beg for one from someone else! Shesh! Whose child would do that!!!


It clearly is NOT ME! that has a drinking problem~~of a non~alcoholic nature. Hang on while I put some more ice in my Pepsi, uh I mean water...I did not have my husband buy me 5 large Pepsis from Skyline~~~IN ONE DAY!! If I had done that it would clearly show that a). I am very particular about my drink~no cans or bottled soda. Only fountain drinks for me. b). I have $ to throw around because that would have been $10.55 for those 5 drinks. (or at least that is what I think they would cost if, you know, I had actually bought them.) and c). I need Pepsi Anon. because I am addicted to Pepsi.

Whew!! Good thing that isn't me!!


It is NOT ME who wants to shout from the rooftops {if said rooftops were not covered in ice and snow} that her husband is getting ready for his first day at his new job! His new job after 4 months of searching, applying, and interviewing.


It is also NOT ME! that wants to give him a list of do's and don'ts~~~he is an adult AND has had a job before after all!


It is NOT ME that is wishing MckMama would post her NOT ME's! tonight because tomorrow is a school holiday and I plan to sleep late; very late!!! and I do not want to be number 397 on Mr. Linky.

~~Sigh! If only I could make the top 10!! 50!! 100!! Okay I'll settle for top 200! Sigh~~
What would you like to admit to NOT DOING this week?

Confession is good for the soul!

I would love for you to leave a comment after reading my NOT ME's!!

Well, as long as they are nice comments!