Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tuesday tidbits...

Not too much going on today so I thought I would just ramble about whatever comes to mind as I sit here.

I actually have a 'thought provoking' post I was going to write, but I decided to save it for tomorrow. I know, I know. You are are the edge of your seat!! You will just have to wait until tomorrow!!

The snowstorm that was predicted for last night did not arrive~~~again. Maybe it will hit tomorrow.

***Random fact Michaela learned at school and passed on to us~~~a 'weatherman' has to only forecast the weather correctly 56% of the time to be considered accurate. Would you still have a job if you were accurate only 56% of the time????

It is 20*F outside right now. The fire has died out in the fireplace inside so I think it is about 58 in here!! BRRRRR

My husband HATES {that is a bad word in our house~~good thing Emma can't read!) the cold. We are always talking about where we want to relocate. I tried to get him to move to North Dakota a few years back, but the blizzard they had in May that year ruined it. Not that he was actually considering it. As much as he dislikes the cold, I dislike the heat. UGH!!! (We are a great pair!) Finding a state we can agree on has been fun!! I figure that if you are cold you can always add layers and get warm. If you are hot, you can only take off so much and you are still hot! Tonight on the way to puppy class we were talking about the sub~zero temps. in the Dakotas and Minnesota, etc. I told him "Cold is cold." Once you are cold, I don't think it matters if it is 20 or -20. You are cold and miserable. Of course the older I get, the colder I get {but don't tell Steve that, he will want to move to Florida or something!}
I bought TULIPS at the store tonight!!! I love tulips! Clearly this means Spring is on its way!!! Since we have had a whole month of winter already!:):)

Our conversations at the dinner table have been extremely unpredictable lately . Emma has definitely found her 'funny bone'. Some of the things she comes up with are hilarious. I just wish I could remember them all after she says them and we are finished laughing.

Tonight at dinner Emma Shea informed me that if she hears Michaela talking about boys she will tell me!! She is my spy! But...I was told she needs spy clothes~black pants and a black shirt.

Michaela INSISTS she does not like any boy!!! Maybe that will last until after college! Emma is still on the job!!

Emma has decided she wants to grow her bangs out again. Oh the joys!!! At least it will be easier to put in a bun for ballet!!

I have registered for three classes so far. I need to pick up one more, but I have to call and speak to my advisor because my sciences did not transfer from my BS. work at Ball State. I guess there is an expiration date on knowledge!! Two of the classes are online and my math class meets in the evening 2 nights a week. I will be able to do my schoolwork while Emma is in school. In September, I can take all my classes during the day while both girls are in school all day. I cannot wait!!! I am such a geek~~all excited about new notebooks and schoolwork!!

Steve starts his new job on Monday!! YEE HAW!!! More on that next week!

I have started a photography blog~~a picture a day for 365 days. I have used some old pictures from Europe, but plan to take pictures everyday and figure out more of the gadgets on my camera. The link is on the side of my blog...life through my lens.

Wow, what a modge podge of information.

I am off to take a warm shower and go to bed~~Steve has to work at the airport in the morning {his pretend job}. Since he is working, I am back on 'morning~Mommy' duty!!